One Man Factory Hardwood Gifts

Hello! I'm Mike Gallagher. I craft with utmost care all of the fine wooden gifts on this site. If you like quality with some character you've come to the right site. Look at my unique collection of kitchen utensils. I'm confident that you will not find utensils of similar quality at ANY nationwide department store! We've also recently added a few other new products: hardwood combs. They are now available!

Now, I have a favor to ask of you. After you look and purchase fine gifts from OneManFactory, please tell your friends and co-workers!

Might I humbly suggest giving home-made hardwood puzzles or kitchen utensils at gift-giving occasions like birthdays, weddings and showers this summer? Read about the journey that each utensil takes from the wood pile to your kitchen. We have many repeat customers, and would love to hear (via email) how you have enjoyed the products of the OneManFactory!
The Ordering Information link describes how to buy the items on this site. Read some customer comments, or see us at a recent show.

Thanks for looking and I appreciate your business!

Mike Gallagher

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