OneManFactory: the name says it all. I do it all from purchasing the raw materials, to cutting, shaping, sanding and finishing the wood. I even do the clean up and sell the final product. My "factory" (actually my home) is located on a dirt road in rural Western Pennsylvania (some people would call it the boonies).This is not a factory that cranks out computer-machined identical products!
   This woodpile on OneManFactory grounds holds the beginnings of all the kitchen utensils, hardwood combs available on this site.

The journey from the woodpile to the finished product begins by making a trip to the sawmills of Amish country. There I purchase the best air-dried Pennsylvanian hardwood around. I admire the Amish work ethic. They hand-craft some of the finest furniture in the country and they do it all without using electricity! All of the utensils (spoons, stirrers, etc.) are made out of cherry wood. I like this wood because the grain has a nice complexion, it's strong, durable and the color gets deeper with age. Utensils made from this wood are tough enough even for the most demanding kitchens.

To give you some insight on the quality and care of the production, here's a quick tour of the process used to make a wooden spoon. I don't make individual spoons from start to finish, that would be too time consuming. I make them a batch at a time, completing a step on all spoons in a batch and then moving on. Crafting a spoon from a raw piece of wood is a 15 step process. The picture shows the spoon at different stages of production. First the spoon shape is roughed out with the bandsaw. Then the bowl is cut. Next the saw defines the rest of the bowl shape. Sanding smooths and shapes the spoon. Finally a natural beeswax finish is applied. This is the general process we use for all of our kitchen utensils.

It took years for me to figure out how to make spoons efficently. Along the way, I've had to modify some of my machines, and learn from many mistakes. During this step-by-step process I'm constantly analyzing the wood to ensure that it doesn't have any defects. My technique ensures that you will be completely satisfied. If you feel that an item doesn't match up to this standard then I will replace it, guaranteed!

While the world wide web is a convient way to purchase my products you can also visit with me at one of several craft shows during the season. My lovely wife Marie usually accompanies me. She is very helpful and makes the "factory" run smoothly. She also is very artistic and hand-decorates and personalizes the pig banks available at OneManFactory.

All gifts are from God and I humbly thank him for mine. I wasn't even aware that I could make things out of wood until I had to change careers for health reasons. Now I get to work for the Jewish Carpenter.

Thanks for Looking.
Mike and Marie Gallagher