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Most of the items on my web site can be ordered on this form. A few items, such as the Jigsaw Puzzle and the Chair Repair will require you to get in contact with me. When you have completed the order form, click on the 'Order' button at the bottom of the page and you will review your order. Then,on the next page fill in the shipping info and click on 'Check out' to submit your order! You should receive your order about 2 weeks after I receive your payment. Thanks!

Quantity Item Name Options Price
Muskee 39 inches $180
Muskee 27 inches $95
Muskee 17 inches $45
Big Gold Fish 9 inches $27
Gold Fish 6 inches $15.00
Whale 11 inches $24
Whale 6 inches $13
Whale Base $7
Bass Fish 9 inches $27
Bass Fish 16 inches $43
Tyrannosaurus Rex $42
Brontosaurus $42
Alligator $21
Snake 21 inches $31
Snake 37 inches $72
Bear $43
Sheep $43
Shaker Boxes
Natural Shaker Boxes No Longer Available $125
Painted Shaker Boxes No Longer Available $115
Shaker Tray No Longer Available $25
Kitchen Utensils
Spoon $7
Big Spoon $10
Salad Set $10
Mixing Tool $6
Spatula $6
Oven Rack Puller $6
Stirrer $6
Mini Stirrer

Roux Stirrer

Stir Fry: Curved Tool

Stir Fry: Long Tool

Renaissance Utensil
Renaissance Knife $2
Renaissance Fork $4
Renaissance Spoon $6
Renaissance Set $10
Paint Rack $12

Please enter your Name, your State's Postal Abbreviation (for example, PA for Pennsylvania), and Email Address in the following form and press the Submit button. You will still have a chance to modify the order if you want on the next screen:


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